Tell us how you want to use the eID (or other smart cards), and we can help you choose the RoadByte product that is right for you. Also feel free to contact us to develop a custom eID-enabled application or integration.
Automatically fill out Microsoft Word templates using data from the eID card. Save time drawing up rental agreements, contracts, etc...
Export eID data to a text or CSV file (comma-separated to read in Excel). Customise the text layout (or let us do it for you).
Export eID data to a XML file. Customise the XML page layout (or let us do it for you).
Develop your own applications using our .Net components or COM to easily access the eID card.

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eID Password Lock

eID Password Lock

Store your passwords and protect them with your eID card.

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Price: 20 euros

  • Keep all your passwords in 1 place
  • The application can only be accessed with the right card
  • Uses Rijndael encryption to protect the passwords

These days we all have many passwords that we need to remember: system logins, PC banking, bank cards, phones, email accounts, website logins etc... Since it is not safe to use the same password for everything, this means we often need to remember dozens of passwords.

eID Password Lock screenshot eID Password Lock screenshot

The RoadByte eID Password Lock application can be used to safely store all those passwords. You can easily browse your passwords by category or search for them. You need to insert your eID card in order to access the password list, so you can be sure they are safe.

eID Password Lock screenshot